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Eeeeeyyyyy. But seriously this was a fantastic piece. It was a little odd to see different styles clash at the end and everything happened so fast without any development. Overall though you guys did a great job. Very professional.


this has everything a good flash should have. the music is great, the animation is smooth and seamless and the plot is fantastic. I love the ending when his eyes get all big.

Oh yes

I could watch this for hours. In fact I could watch any of your loops for hours.

TheBoogley responds:

don't do it... please... don't... you'll die... {:0

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a tear jerker

i was very touching and nicely presented. some of the dialogue seemed kind of weird and out of place. like the "ugh, no" from the old man and the "sigh sigh" at the end.
altogether it was nice though.

also, those sidewalks look familiar. jk ;)

EventHorizon responds:

Wow, thanks for your review and I'm glad that you are getting the game well presented, haaaaaaaa, I understand what you mean about the sidewalk ;)

Damn Pox!

You are a pop-culture game making machine! BP Oil Spill, Charlie Sheen, and now this?
Needless to say it's very well done. Exceptional art, neat gameplay and good for a quick laugh. Well done sir.

:( :( :(

I forgot the answers to my own quiz so 0/10 0/10 0/10 sorry it has to be done.
oh yeah I added extra sad faces for emphasis and because one was too short. :(

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cheese world

heyopc responds:

Cheese World

Freshly squeezed orange jews?

One can only imagine the horrors that go on in the basement of the Juice Shop.

Really cool, good jorb.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Not just a good job, but a good jorb. Thats an intense fucking compliment.

Calm and peaceful

This is a really nice piece. I can just imagine a calm forest with a shimmering lake in the middle of it, and there's nothing around or miles and miles.

Anyway, I think it's great and I was wondering if I could use it in a game I'm making. :3

Semaphore responds:

Sure you can if I can play it as one of the first =D

thanks 14hourlunchbreak

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So good! Love the poses and even the weird ass eyebrows. Really stylish. Great job!

Miroko responds:

Thank you. Couldn't draw normal ass eyebrows.

Really great scene! Love the 60's / 70's mod vibe. Also recognize some of those patterns. ;)

devilsgarage responds:

that's quiet a bit to get inspired from that era - glad you liked it !

Simple and cool

The only issue I can see is that it's hard to make out the i in hip. it kinda looks like an r. Beside that it's a neat design and well executed.

J-qb responds:

Thanks dude, yeah I see what you mean with the I; I should have prolly spaced it out a bit more... the deadline was coming up quickly so I didnt have time to dot the i's...

Kevin Bacon.

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