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14hourlunchbreak's News

Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - March 6th, 2021




Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - December 7th, 2018

This just in! A Newgrounds alumni goes on to make a published indie game!

It's a tale as old as time, and one that warms the cockles of my heart every time I hear it. Now I get to join the ranks!

Introducing Cut & Run!


It's an action arcade game where you run around, slicing stuff in half, growing your sword every slice! It's a game I've wanted to make for a long time, you can even see echos of it here on NG:




The game studio I work at was contacted by Humble Bundle to make a game for them in about 2/3 months, and this is what we were able to do! It was a lot of fun to make, I'm very nervous about it's release, and I just wanted to tell yall about it. Hope I can make NG proud!


You can check it out as part of Humble Bundle's Monthly subscription service!


Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - March 21st, 2017

Hey everybody! I made a short game in 24 hours about sorting through tons of keys! It's my first WebGL game, just testing the waters. It's suprising how easy it is to export from Unity, so hopefully future games can still find a home on Newgrounds. <3


Follow me on Twitter for slightly more regular updates. Ever so slightly. Don't expect too much.

You can also download a standalone version of the game on itch.io. Thanks!




Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - August 18th, 2016


Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - April 24th, 2016

#1: I'm 100% officially locked in to going to Pico Day this year. Bought the bus tickets this morning. Looking forward to meeting peeps and hanging out! If you see a short white boy with a long name tag, say hi!

#2: I've started work on a new game exclusively for Newgrounds! Think Miitomo + Tamagotchi + Newgrounds Sim.

I'll be making Devlog posts as I go, and if you're a supporter you can beta test it! ETA is some time this summer.

pocket pico

That's all for now. See you at Pico Day!

Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - March 30th, 2016

No, I'm not talking about Bubba.

I've been taking a 3D modeling class! Modeling, UVing, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, you name it! Well, we're still getting to the rigging and animating part, it's a process.

This week I made my very first 3D character model. Some sorta fish sailor. Next step is to rig and pose.

All of this is so that I can make cool Unity assets for future games. Who knows, there might even be a fish sailor in one of em.


Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - March 7th, 2016

It's that time of year again! Remember to turn your clocks forward (or back?), turn off the oven, make sure the groundhog doesn't see his shadow, dust off Flash, and most importantly RENEW YOUR SUPPORTER STATUS. You don't want to be the leonard lameoid without a shiney supporter badge on your page DO YOU???

This year has been pretty crazy. I'm wrapping up my second year of college in NYC, I've got a real person job that isn't scooping ice cream, I've been learning and mastering Unity (just as the web player became depricated) and life in general is good!

Also, I'm DEFINITELY MAYBE HOPEFULLY REALLY TRYING TO ATTEND PICO DAY. Last year was super cool, but I was a sweaty nervous ball of mess and I didn't really put myself out there.

I've been throwing around ideas for Pico's School Reunion 2, but it's been a while since I did any games in Flash. It's weird because I love making games, but it's so hard for me to start a project. It's a huge commitment that takes forever to see any payoff. I recently got more into (shitty) animation and video editing, because I can crank out videos in a matter of days, whereas games can take months.

Making games is still my passion and ultimate-life-goal, so expect more cool things to come!

Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - February 15th, 2016

Sleepycast animations are all the rage right now, and I was crying with laughter while listening to last weeks episode, so I thought I'd take a chunk and animate it.

For anyone that's interested, it's the alien roleplay toward the end of the episode.

Here's a WIP screenshot! 


Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - December 24th, 2015

11 followers away from 500!!! IF U UP SMASH THAT HEART BUTTON!!!

2015 has been pretty productive content-wise. Two collabs, a game, and a movie! This year I went to my first Pico Day at the NG office. It was surreal meeting so many people that I'd only known online. Also taking part in the Pico Day poster with so many talented people was a crazy huge honor. I got into Unity this year just as the webplayer support was dying out (bummer). I'm planning on shifting focus to making more standalone PC games, but my heart will always lie with flash games.

Funny story, Pico's School Reunion was supposed to be neatly wrapped up with a solid ending, but I spilled soda all over my laptop mere DAYS before Pico Day. There was a whole third act below the school in a subterranian lab. I've been thinking about finishing it for Pico Day 2016, but that might be pushing it. Not sure if anybody wants any more Pico point and click games. Pixel Day is coming up this January and I might have something for that. Even if it's just art.

At the risk of sounding too ambitious, I think 2016 is going to be a really swell year. I've been learning so much and I'm really excited to start something big and juicy. 2016 is the year to plant some seeds.

Posted by 14hourlunchbreak - December 16th, 2015

AND IT IS! For the most part. I'm 2 days away from completing my 3rd semester of college where I've been learning programming and art and Unity full time. It's been a pretty wild ride, and hopefully a good transition into the more "professional" game dev sphere. The dream is to get something on Steam. That's my goal as of right now.

We've been doing about a project a week this semester. If you use firefox or safari you can check out a few of the things I made this semester here.

Right now I'm working on my final project which is due tomorrow!!! It's a multiplayer game about trains.... and aliens.