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So good! Love the poses and even the weird ass eyebrows. Really stylish. Great job!

Miroko responds:

Thank you. Couldn't draw normal ass eyebrows.

Really great scene! Love the 60's / 70's mod vibe. Also recognize some of those patterns. ;)

devilsgarage responds:

that's quiet a bit to get inspired from that era - glad you liked it !

Simple and cool

The only issue I can see is that it's hard to make out the i in hip. it kinda looks like an r. Beside that it's a neat design and well executed.

J-qb responds:

Thanks dude, yeah I see what you mean with the I; I should have prolly spaced it out a bit more... the deadline was coming up quickly so I didnt have time to dot the i's...

Great Show, Great Art

Fringe is possible my favorite tv show. I also love the Same and Max style of it. Basically it's an all around great peice.

This is impossibly good

This is like picture quality. The wrinkles on the head are really well done, but the body just looks odd somehow. Eh, it's still a fantastic piece.


have kids ;3

Brilliant :D

Looks great, but is that a tear drop below his eye? I can't make out what it is.

Also, did you draw the original header on his profile? They both look great, just nothing alike.

Dan Habiki is such a woman

Ryu: Hey Ken, there is another big tournament being organized by Bison, wanna go?

Ken: No, in the last tournament Bison mindraped me, I think I'll stay here where it's safe and get my hair done.

Ryu: So you're too scared to go?

Ken: I wouldn't put it that way exactly I jus-

Ryu: Dan's going.

Ken: ...

Ken: Shit. Alright, lemme get my stuff.

I'm so very disappointed :'(

I was surfing around the art portal, and for the fun of it typed in random car names into the search bar. I thought of Back to the Future and typed in delorean.

"Oh hey look, a picture of what I can only assume to be a delorean by JohnnyUtah! *Click* Oh. Well then. What a nice picture of not a delorean."

I was pleasantly surprised, but gravely disappointed at the same time. >:'(

One of my favorite games ever.

You did an incredible gorb, I can even remember what colossus that was. Now all you have to do is Katamari Damacy and my life will be complete.

Kevin Bacon.

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