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a tear jerker

i was very touching and nicely presented. some of the dialogue seemed kind of weird and out of place. like the "ugh, no" from the old man and the "sigh sigh" at the end.
altogether it was nice though.

also, those sidewalks look familiar. jk ;)

EventHorizon responds:

Wow, thanks for your review and I'm glad that you are getting the game well presented, haaaaaaaa, I understand what you mean about the sidewalk ;)

Damn Pox!

You are a pop-culture game making machine! BP Oil Spill, Charlie Sheen, and now this?
Needless to say it's very well done. Exceptional art, neat gameplay and good for a quick laugh. Well done sir.

:( :( :(

I forgot the answers to my own quiz so 0/10 0/10 0/10 sorry it has to be done.
oh yeah I added extra sad faces for emphasis and because one was too short. :(

You made me jump.

I was only half paying attention, but the combination of the loud music and seeing my username there made me jump for a second. Then I knew what it was lll about and I chuckled to myself. Good job, and the animation at the end was awesome as well. Totally random.

Very Chaotic

It was very chaotic but it was fun and simple. Although it was very hard....


Simple, Easy, Short. Everything I like about a game. It was also very creative. Unlike any other evolution game i've played! :)

SirRealism responds:

Yay! Thanks for these kind words! ^^

there isn't an instructions yet but.....

You move with the arrow keys and click to shoot. So now you guys can stop complaining.

Marsupial responds:

heh i just put up the controls on the description as you wrote that

Good but...

It had decent gameplay and I liked it quite a bit. The only thing that I disliked was the music. I didn't find it very good but I loved the overall game so I am giving you a 9/10 and a 4/5. I love the series and keep up the great work.

Great Game!

Sweet! I was the 3 person to see this and probably the first person to review it. This is defiantly a great game and front page material!

Not very good

Good drawings?

Dress-up games are already overdone
Only 7 things? Come on, you can do better!
I personally have no idea how this could survive.

Kevin Bacon.

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