Entry #168

Kickstart FORGE.

2013-07-14 22:05:05 by 14hourlunchbreak

Hey! If any of you have been following what i've been up to recently, you might have heard of a project I'm involved in called FORGE. It's a submission based art magazine that is focused on promoting artists from around the world. We've completed the first issue, but don't have the required ca$h dollar money to print it and distribute it. If you're at all interested in art, I'd suggest you CHECK IT OUT. I know you creative types. Newgrounds is full of em.

Speaking of which, there are a few Newgrounds people involved in the first issue, including ShockDingo and mushonastick who are both super talented and incredibly handsome. You can be too if you check out the link below and tell your friends. Follow us on Tumblr, reblog our post, maybe even throw in some dollars and get yourself some sick rewards from cool people. Physical stuff, none of that digital mumbo jumbo. Unless you want some wallpapers, which is cool too.



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2013-07-15 15:32:45

I have to be honest that is a very good idea :) I love it :) I will pitch you since I love supporting newgrounders. :P When I get home you got yourselves, a hundo I will also link and support :) It's only way to keep us artists going. :P